When I pitch it as the silver bullet I rarely get any argument at all. I often get vigorous agreement.

The silver bullet is not easy to implement across an organisation. But it can be done.

When I talk about the silver bullet — which is not a new phenomenon — a lot of people tell me they have heard of it. They tell me they love it and really value the thinking behind it.

So if there’s a silver bullet that most people agree with, understand and value, what’s the problem?

The problem of course is helping people do something about it.

The problem lies in convincing clients that there is an actionable pathway here and that if they work through the principles — taking the time and energy to think about the way it can be integrated into the core of what their organisation does, the way they develop their people — there are some real, game-changing benefits just waiting to be realised.

My challenge is helping my clients be brave enough to hit the ‘go’ button.