SH2 is an industry-leading solution for the most critical information exchange in the operations business – the shift handover.

SH2 is an interactive communications platform that brings visibility of operational status and performance. Using the latest technology, the system runs off a web-based data server that deploys data to sites and integrates with existing reporting systems.
Each site has an LCD display for general viewing, iPad that hosts local data and controls the handover process, and Apple TV and wireless access to connect the hardware.

SH2 enables users to create pins representing hazards, incidents, operational issues or tasks directly on to electronic site images. They attach photos, communicate issues with head office, display HSE alerts and feed performance notes from operations reporting software.

Now introduced to the majority of Sedgman operations, SH2 provides safety and performance support within a blueprint for industry shift handover best practice.

SH2 received the Excellence Award at the 2012 Queensland Engineering Excellence Awards for the category of ‘Control Systems, Networks, Information Processing and Telecommunications’.