After delivering an extremely successful international conference for the top 140 HR executives in our Global Tier 1 Mining Client, the Strategic HR Council were left with a question of how to progress the concepts from the conference in a new and engaging way that yielded practical results for the business.

5D was engaged to work on the problem. We went about not just building a way to operationalise the ides from the conference but went on to design and implement a global approach for innovation for HR professionals for ourclieent’s People and Organisations.

Working with HR leaders 5d found an existing social media platform that was yet to go live and used it as a basis of building a means of incubating value adding ideas aimed to  solve people related business issues for their clients. 5D designed the social media system to connect HR practitioners across the globe and helped them engage each other and their clients to develop new concepts for competing for, retaining, managing, developing and mobilising human capital. An Advocate cohort and sponsor group were developed to harvest the best ideas for operationalisation. Once the systems was ready to go live, only 3 months from commencement 5d went about delivering a launch program around the globe with HR practitioners. 5d designed, coordinated and delivered the program and logistics for sessions in Brisbane, Perth, London, Paris, Montreal, Salt Lake City and Johannesburg.

The launch program was successfully conducted for hundreds of HR practitioners and the first round of innovation ideas yielded $14m in value for the business.​