The future of the Aged care industry is an enormous challenge for Australia. ACAA engaged 5d to look at the industry and deliver our perspective at their National Congress.

Our brief was simple…to challenge, to be provocative and to stimulate a conversation that would be taken up by innovators to make inroads into the way aged care is delivered.

We started with those in care. We visited a range of facilities, talked to families, workers and of course those in care. We examined Productivity Commission reports, popular media, new archives and commentary from wide ranging sources to build a picture of the current view of aged care delivery – a huge business, but a business in crisis.

Our presentation aimed to connect those who were there at the Congress as a community of action, we used technology to source comment from the crowd and synthesised it right there and then, we presented concepts that challenged the group to think differently about the solution for aged care and reframed thinking about what the industry thought was the value proposition.   We showed them it was possible through highlighting examples of companies already doing it differently.

The presentation was well received with 100’s of concepts coming from the floor of the conference room in a space of 10 mins. We were later engaged by CEO’s in the crowd to repeat the presentation and to support strategy development with their own companies. 

The full presentation can be found here >