5d was engaged by the General Manger Rail Division for a Global Tier 1 Mining Company to work with his leadership group to develop a five year strategy for his division recognising its place in optimising the supply chain in the Pilbara.

5d conducted a series of sessions with the leadership team designed to draw out performance expectations on the business more clearly for the group and to create strategic drivers to pull the team together allowing them to reshape the current business to meet expectations.

5d designed the session to provide precious time for the leaders to work on their business together and to seek more productive integration points between functions, increasing productivity and performance.

Much greater cohesion between leaders was achieved along with agreement on strategic focus and the unique work that leaders themselves needed to do with their teams and with each other.

Paramount to their success was facilitating their thinking about how Rail could be seen as a consistently positive contributor to the Pilbara supply chain. We worked through historical mythologies and used tools to help the team look to the future using a more sophisticated partnership lens rather than simply as a supplier.

The physical outputs of the session were synthesised into a strategic planning document.

5d assisted with the allocation of accountabilities to leaders and worked with the client’s resources to design and support delivery of a execution and governance framework and system to monitor initiative execution.

5d supported the development of new meeting practices and built internal capability to drive progress.