5D was engaged by a Global Tier 1 Mining Company to develop a logical and meaningful strategy bringing the existing mine operation and a major expansion project under the management of one leadership team.

At the same time 5D was asked to review the effectiveness of the Operational Readiness delivery aspect of the expansion.

5d completed one on one interviews with each member of the leadership team to establish truths about management alignment, shared intent and productivity. This information was provided back to the entire team in the form of a simple and practical report and was then used as a basis for developing a new strategy for a greater mine site business. This was completed at an offsite program using a collaborative process which also focused on building team cohesion and leadership development.

An initial review was undertaken of the current state of delivery practices highlighting immediate areas for improvement.   5D delivery resources worked one on one with management and team leaders to instill higher levels of project management discipline to reshape delivery practices, processes and thinking to provide greater visibility of reporting and more effective alignment delivery of project outcomes.