Large project implementation can be a rollercoaster ride, with diverse individuals and companies finding themselves thrown together to deliver discrete contracted aspects of the project across varying timezones, geographies and cultures. Having an experienced, independent facilitator to help find common ground, converge understanding and intent and work through blockers to performance can be critical to lock in high performance quickly in time constrained world of projects.

Our team can help you to:

  • understand the strategic drivers, aspirations and concerns of sponsors
  • evaluate team dynamics and individual contribution in the context of the delivery environment, and build an ongoing implementation program to sustain high levels of team performance
  • understand the influence of delivery frameworks and contacted terms on team performance
  • set a shared vision, goals and objectives for the project or phase in the form of a Project Charter of FactBook
  • Design and deliver a program of facilitated development sessions to suit project requirements. e.g. ¬†Scope refinement, high level delivery schedule identification, risk and opportunity assessment, preparation for reviews for governance, investment or technical milestones
  • Our teams have worked across the globe supporting the success of large projects, notably in Africa, North America, Australia, Europe and Asia