He is acutely aware that when a company engages 5d they want results: improved systems; a better way of operating; a more mature and sustainable organisation.

They do not want generic, pre-fabricated products that can be dropped into any organisation. They do not want a consultant to come in to audit operations, drop in a ready made set of solutions that presuppose the initial problems and stay for life trying to fix them.

“I’m an organisational architect, a designer. Everything we do is bespoke. Solutions are designed purposefully, and are customised with the leaders to make sure they will work for their current situation. We will always consider executing and maturity of the leadership and systems when developing a design. My goal is always the same – to produced sustained performance lift through increasing organisational maturity along with the performance.”

The 5d process dimensions – dialogue, discovery, decipher, design, deploy – lead to strategic, people-oriented business solutions. The process has at its heart engagement of key stakeholders to ensure shared intellectual property, ownership of solutions and delivery systems produce a sustainable commitment to implement.

“You can come up with the greatest strategies in the world, but people have to deliver them, systems are there to help. It won’t work if the stakeholders don’t feel a sense of ownership and enablement.” Our process of developing strategy ensures that we work with leaders to build shared intent and then help them reconfigure the settings of their business to execute the strategy. That also means stopping some things, and that’s hard.’

5d’s team of experienced professionals have a unique ability to harness the collective and genuine intent of an organisation and then leading the development of innovative solutions and initiatives that focuses on practical implementation, have produced great results across many industry sectors.

The 5d commitment to seeing the job through – from design to implementation – has seen it forge successful collaborations with QGC, Rio Tino, Suncorp, Nissan, Sedgman Limited, Airservices Australia, QIC, QSuper, Isaac Regional Council and ING Insurance.

This impressive list of clients is testament to one fact: 5d has never failed to deliver. Not once.