A top ten automotive manufacturer engaged 5D to review the market for fleet vehicles in the Resources sector and devise a strategy for the successful entry and penetration of this market for their products.

An initial review of the market was followed by a series of interviews across the nation with a variety of key stakeholders including 5D clients in the resources sector, other executives from the different tiers of fleet providers and dealership representatives.

The data was then brought back to the client and then a series of workshops were held to understand the capability of the Automotive Manufacturer to meet the value proposition outlined by the data. Using the lens of the market drivers and the current capability of the organisation allowed a clear sense of the shift that needed to be made to compete sustainably in the target market.

5d worked with the client to devise a series of innovative approaches that provided the focus the organisation needed to lift performance to meet market needs and represented a clear and remarkable offering to the market and franchisees.