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Ros is a mastermind at building high-performing, self-managing teams.  A natural-born leader, Ros has refined her talent in bringing people together, and skillfully employs both discreet and overt team-building techniques that drive business outcomes.

Ros is highly adaptable and in the past 15 years has worked across a number of industries incl. Govt, FMCG, Banking and Insurance, servicing a range of business functions incl. Tech, Finance, Treasury, and HR.

Aligned to the values behind Agile and Lean practices, Ros is committed to delivering fit-for-purpose, value-add solutions and takes a pragmatic approach to manage time, tasks and resources.  With strong business acumen and fuelled by solving complex business problems, Ros’ inimitable style coupled with first-class facilitation skills results in a team environment that fosters constructive conversations and creativity to the benefit of the customer she represents.

Whether in the role of Agile Project Manager, Iteration Manager, or Agile Coach; and on a large-scale transformation Program or enhancing BAU operations in an SME; Ros instills a culture of trust, purpose, and urgency that in turn drive team clarity, focus, and ultimately, business delivery.

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