Raj Bortamuly

Senior Manager Consulting

Raj is a Business and Technology specialist.

Raj has worked across a variety of industries like Telecommunications, Government, Resources, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Retail, Airports, Finance, Hospitality and Transport. He has also worked across a diversity of teams and hierarchies that have had him work with people from various walks of life – be it at a boardroom working with C-level execs, to a team of mine operators out in the field to enterprise clients in a corporate environment.

Raj’s leadership experience is equally broad and covers a multitude of teams – strategy teams, service teams, project teams, product teams, architects, BAs, software & system engineers. Raj has a Masters degree from Griffith University, two Bachelors degrees and a host of experience and certifications in best practice methods and frameworks. However, Raj prefers not to use books too much and adopts a flexible and simple approach towards solving business problems. He tends to get re-hired by past managers and clients who prefer his uncomplicated approach and a strong focus on delivery.  Raj is passionate about keeping things simple and delivering a remarkable experience – for the team, the stakeholders and above all – the customer.

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