David Frizzell


David’s primary interests are in organisational health and organisation development.

He has worked across multiple industries to help businesses develop the skills and understanding to create happy, healthy and productive workplace environments.

David is passionate about helping teams and leaders reach their potential. His experience in working with individuals and groups helps them develop a deep understanding about what makes them tick, how they can fully utilise and develop their strengths and to develop systems within in the team to maximise potential.

David executes on his ‘healthy organisation’ philosophy across a range of consulting disciplines: project management; change management; business improvement; team and leadership development; program design and implementation; technology development and workshop facilitation.

Currently David is involved in a number of projects, all of which align to his ‘healthy organisation’ principles: SH2 development and implementation; leadership programs design and implementation; team programs design and implementation; workshop facilitation – strategy, team alignment, work planning.

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