Facilitating a Mindset Shift – IT to Business



An Executive Director in a State Government's Department responsible for infrastructure and planning approached 5d to become involved in taking an IT program of work to the next level.​

The program of work was born out of an IT concept aiming to converge several systems into one providing public sector functions better visibility of data relating to land management.

After a series of one on one meetings with a variety of stakeholders it was clear the project was hung up on debate around technical decisions rather than a higher level discusion around capability. Through the design and delivery two workshops, 5d was able to facilitate shared agreement across several departments around the purpose of such an initiative was provide greater data visibility for the State Government of land that should be purchased, management obligations for land currently owned and ​land that should be sold. 5d worked at supporting the leadership to repositioning the program as a business program not an IT program allowing it to push through technical hurdles and gain greater understand from the strategic and political levels of the organisation.

5d then supported the design and delivery of a series of functional level workshops helped middle level managers and technical experts to work through the technical issues now that greater clarity of purpose and scope had been achieved.

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