Building Effective Communications Architecture



5d was engaged by the General Manager of a central Queensland coal mine owned by a Global Tier 1 mining company to redesign communication practices across the entire business.

We worked with the leadership and staff to gather and map qualitative and quantitative information about existing practices, channels, effectiveness, purposes and connectedness.

Once a current state was well understood, opportunities for improvement were identified through our Strategic Conversations process. 5d worked with Mine Management to redesign the overarching architecture and components of all site meetings. The aim was to ensure that each site meeting was redesigned with a specific and unique purpose in mind that complemented related meetings and avoided replication.

The top level site meeting run by the General Manager with his direct reports was designed first to improve direction, strategic and operational dashboards and performance data and the instances of strategic conversations. Productivity was improved significantly ensuring the top team worked at the correct level, were faced with making the right decisions with the right data and meeting time was reduced by 75%.

Meeting structures, processes and information centres were then designed for the next level of leadership and then down to pre-start meetings for the variety functional areas across the entire business.

5d worked to develop and deliver training and quality control processes to ensure gains in communication effectiveness were sustained and maintained by site leaders themselves. Our client continued to use these practices well passes our engagement.

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