Building a Lifestyle Mine in the Pilbara



5D was engaged to review progress of the operational readiness aspect of a Iron Ore mine expansion in the Pilbara.

Several reviews were completed as pre-determined points to provide independent feedback to the General Manager and the team on the heath of the OR aspect of the project. On each occasion the leadership team was interviewed to identify insights where project execution could be optimised. A report was produced each time and workshops were held to communicate the outcomes and address aspects that required the team’s attention.

5D was further engaged to design and deliver leadership development sessions setting strategic objectives, leadership principles and to identify a differentiated approach designed to position the mine to more effectively source the people it needed more effectively than its competitors. The mine was designed to out perform other like mines on global metrics as well as leveraging the opportunities for it to be a place where you could work in the mining sector without compromising family life.

In April 2013 the leadership team hit their, ‘ First ore on a Train’ milestone having worked through some challenging times.

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