By Daniel Weule

14 Nov 2013

Kev07 is opting out. Isn't it fascinating the types of insights you gain upon the retirement or passing of a high profile person.

A much deeper understanding of the individual, their practices, intentions and influences emerges rapidly in the public arena. As a matter of process, it reinforces our commitment to conversations as an essential strategic development tool, as the media associations try to out do each other interviewing every possible person from every angle imaginable, hoping that a ground breaking insight emerges. What can we learn from this?

Emulating a milestone like this and stimulating the conversations seeking deeper understanding of your business or project provides critical wisdom on the alignment (or lack) of all of the variables necessary for success. We would say don’t try to fit this into the existing governance systems but give it its own oxygen to gain the greatest value. But remember, asking people what they think creates expectations of action so ensure you manage them appropriately.

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