Four Areas of Strategic Focus to Excel in the Current Climate

One of the great benefits about my role as a strategy consultant is the opportunity to learn lessons from different industries,…

Win that tender, the key to winning that big bid.

Organisations can spend millions on trying to win work, and many maintain a 1:10 win ratio. Ensuring the tenders that…

Building Effective Communications Architecture

We worked with the leadership and staff to gather and map qualitative and quantitative information about existing practices, channels, effectiveness, purposes and…

Transforming an Iron Ore Rail Business

Initially 5d supported the development of the five year strategy for the division, building a complete six pillar strategy document…

Building Greater Understanding of the “I’ in Executive Team

The two day session session began with an exploration of individual and team preferences and a discussion of how these…

Transforming Construction Capability

5d worked with a small leadership team to develop a more cohesive and integrated approach for leading the project. Subsequently…

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